Are you ready to quit?
If you’ve decided the answer is Yes, but you’ve been struggling with the final push to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can help.
Your habits and behaviour are located in your subconscious mind, and hypnotherapy can provide powerful suggestions to help you change, and break the habit once and for all.
Stop Smoking therapy requires a single session lasting up to two hours, with no initial consultation necessary.  
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How will hypnotherapy help?
We actually have more control than we believe we have, and we know that smoking is a cause of mental and physical stress.  When we fly in a plane, go to sleep at night, or undergo an operation, we are quite able not to smoke.  The subconscious mind knows that smoking then is not an option.  The mind can be reprogrammed, and we can be enabled to do, from now on, what we want to do in our conscious mind.
Risks of smoking
  • In the UK annually around 120,000 smokers die as a result of smoking
  • 80% of cancers are caused by smoking
  • Smoking cigarettes is the single greatest cause of illness and premature death  - but you’re reading this because you don’t want that to be you.  Call 01453 791424 now